Vancouver Island University- Permits

Parking Permits

Long Term parking at Vancouver Island University (Nanaimo Campus) is by E-Permit. Vehicle licence plates must be registered under an E-Permit account.

  1. E-Permits DO NOT guarantee a parking spot and are sold as a convenience and cost saving measure only.
  2. Drivers MUST pay for parking from a pay station or app, until such time as an e-permit has been ordered and activated.
  3. It is the driver’s responsibility to know when their e-permit expires and to arrange for a new e-permit so there is no break in coverage.
  4. E-permit holders must manage their accounts and keep vehicle licence plates up to date. Multiple licence plates can be registered under one account, but only one vehicle from that account can be parked at a time.


  • Short-Term – (2 hours maximum.). E-Permits are not valid in the Short Term Lots.
  • General – (minimum 2 hours) general parking for students, employees, and visitors: licence plate must be registered by e-permit, payment at the pay station, mobile app, etc.
  • Employees-Only – employee e-permit required; first-come, first-parked. Pay parking is available after 5pm through Park Indigo app or pay station.
  • Economy – economy parking for employee, student and visitors: licence plate must be registered by e-permit, payment at the pay station, mobile app, et; first-come, first parked.
  • Any vehicle parked in an Employee-Only lot without having a valid licence plate registered to a valid employee e-permit will be subject to immediate tow away at owner’s expense. Pay parking is available after 5pm through Park Indigo app or pay station


Pay Stations

  • For parking in Short-Term lots: $3.13 per hour; $6.26 per 2-hour maximum.
  • For parking in General Parking lots: $2.61 per 2 hours; to a maximum of $8.34 per 12 hrs; $37.53 weekly. Parking purchased for a General Parking Lot is also valid in Economy Lots.
  • For parking in Economy lots: $2.08/2hours; $4.16/4hours; to a max of $5.21 per 12 hrs; $25.02 weekly.



1 month and 4 month e-permits can be purchased on-line.


NOTE: Purchasing a permit does NOT guarantee a parking spot.

Pricing for Employee E-Permits

All pricing includes all applicable taxes

  • Employee and General Lots
    • $93.82 For any 1 month period
    • $208.50 For a 4 month period
  • Economy Lots
    • $57.34 For any 1 month period
    • $135.52 For any 4 month period
  1. Parking in Employees-Only lots is restricted to Regular and Temporary faculty, staff and administrators displaying a valid Employee E-Permit.
  2. E-Permits are available for purchase on-line, year round.
  3. Employee and General e-permits are renewable online.
  4. It is the driver’s responsibility to know when their e-permit expires and to purchase a new one prior to the expiration so there is no break in parking coverage.

Note: Vancouver Island University reserves the right to change parking fees.


The PAD option will be available on Employee General & Economy Term permits 3 times a year at the start of each term. The PAD option will only be available for pre purchase 2 weeks prior to the pass start date and 2 weeks following. All term passes have a set start and end date, no partial months will be available. The PAD permit term dates for 2021 and 2022 are as follows:

  • September 1st – December 31st
    • Available for purchase until Sept 14th
  • January 1st – April 30th
    • Available for purchase December 17th – January 14th
  • May 1st – August 31st
    • Available for purchase April 18th – May 13th

You can purchase the PAD Permit through this link.

All Term passes require 30 days’ notice and there will be a $30 administration fee for cancellations. Refunds will be prorated from the cancellation day, after the 30-day period minus the administration fee



  1. E-Permits DO NOT guarantee a parking spot.
  2. Student Parking Permits are available for purchase on-line year round.

Pricing for Student E-Permits

  • $46.91 – For any 1 month period
  • $104.25 – For any 4 month period

Note: Vancouver Island University reserves the right to change parking fees.


Permits for motorcycles are available at a reduced rate. Purchasing a permits does not guarantee a parking spot.

  • Cost will be a 25% discount off the auto permit rate.
  • Owners of motorcycles must register their licence plate numbers through Guest Services or 1.800.469.4169 from 8:30am – 5:00pm Monday to Friday.
  • If a Motorcycle Only spot is not available, the driver may not park on campus unless they purchase parking though the Park Indigo App or pay station. This will entitle the motorcycle to park in a General Lot stall as an automobile.

Motorcycle Parking In General

  • Motorcycles may also park in the Employees-Only lots (if appropriate), General lots, and Short-Term lots.
  • The applicable dispenser ticket, meter, or permit rate for an automobile will apply (with no motorcycle discount).
  • A single motorcycle will have the same rights to a parking stall as an automobile in these circumstances.
  • Where a dispenser ticket has been purchased, drivers are asked to tear off the receipt end of the dispenser ticket and keep it with them, in case the dispenser ticket is removed from the motorcycle and a violation is issued.



  • Contractors working on campus may request a special Contractors Permit from Facility Services in Building 120 if there vehicle is required to perform their duties on campus.
  • Contractors MUST abide by parking regulations and special instructions as noted on the permit or a parking violation may be issued.
  • Permits are issued with a specific start and end date and issued to a specific vehicle licence plate.
  • The permit will entitle the contractor to park in any GENERAL or SHORT-TERM parking stall.
  • The permit DOES NOT allow the vehicle to park in tow away zones unless first cleared with Facility Services or Security. This includes, but is not limited to, Fire Lanes, yellow lines, spaces reserved or designated for specific purposes, Roadways, landscape areas, etc.
  • The permit is issued to contractors doing business with Vancouver Island University and cannot be used for any other purpose.
  • Contractor’s licence plates not registered by Facility Services must pay for parking.
  • Contractor’s using their personal vehicle as transportation to and from Vancouver Island University does not qualify for a contractor’s parking permit.
  • Construction project personnel are not eligible for a contractors permit.


  • Drivers who wish to add, remove or correct the licence plate numbers on their e-permit may do so, on-line through their e-permit account.
  • Although multiple plates can be registered under an e-permit, only one of those licence plates can be parked on the Campus at a time.
  • All outstanding parking violations must be paid before an updated e-permit can be issued.


  • There are marked parking stalls for people with disabilities in each parking lot. Parking in fire lanes or loading zones is NOT permitted with this type of permit.
  • To park in designated disabled parking stalls, the vehicle MUST be visibly displaying a valid Independent Living permit or a parking violation will be issued and the vehicle is subject to be towed at the owner’s expense.
  • People with a documented disability may pay on a voluntary basis for dispenser tickets, meters, or permits.
  • A valid Independent Living parking permit for people with disabilities is required to park in designated spaces. Notes left on the dashboard in lieu of a permit will not be accepted.
  • Vancouver Island University does NOT issue special permits for persons with disabilities. However, special permits are available from Nanaimo and Region Disability Resource Centre, # 2- 4166 Departure Bay Road. Tel (250) 758-5547. The Disability Services Office in bldg #200 has a supply of application forms and information regarding this organization.
  • Persons with a documented disability who display a valid special permit – available from Nanaimo and Region Disability Resource Centre – can park in any designated parking stall, including those in Employees-Only lots when designated Disabled Parking is not available or not convenient.