Consultation & Funding

Consultation & Funding

We have an exceedingly knowledgeable management team with a combined parking management experience of over 200 years. With practical insight and experience with all types of parking operations and local knowledge, with our sister company Nortech Parking Systems (parking equipment supplier), we provide unparalleled parking management consultation to our clients on all aspects of parking. Utilizing our industry and equipment experience, our clients are provided with ideal recommendations.

We never stop looking for improvements. Our parking management services always include ongoing suggestions for innovations and value-added opportunities. We conduct surveys, perform occupancy studies, make general observations on parking operations, and regularly report our findings and suggestions to our clients to ensure their facilities are experiencing maximum efficiency and potential.

We offer a variety of options to our clients to fund parking infrastructure through purchase, lease, rent or deductions against monthly parking operating income.

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Did you know?

Did you know Victoria is one of Canada’s least expensive places to park? Daily rates average just under $11.