Parking management companies are not all the same. Robbins offers truly elevated and unique parking management services.


Performed properly, parking management is “boots-on-the-ground” work. We roll up our sleeves and walk properties to see parking operations firsthand. Our senior management team cut their teeth in the industry and has deep knowledge of hands-on parking management. Of course, we also hire from outside the industry, but our newer team members are imbued with our senior management team’s principles of parking management fundamentals.

No Disruption Angles

We have seen the industry grow and adapt. We know what’s been tried, what has worked, and what has not. As the industry advances, we do too, nimbly adapting to new best practices and utilizing emerging technology. But we do not chase disruptions, fixating on angles such as parking lot ghost kitchens, absolute automation, subscription models, and other recent unsuccessful trends.


We truly love parking. For us, parking is an operations puzzle, and we thrive on tailoring solutions to each facility’s unique needs while balancing elements like customer service, technology integration, revenue maximization, enforcement, collections protocols, and many more factors. This requires deep understanding, experience, and passion.


We are not parking equipment manufacturers or application developers. Nor are we owned by corporations with other interests. We are a privately-held parking management service provider. Period. As a result, we search for the right fit of parking equipment, technology, and methodology and always propose what we feel are the right solutions. We work in the best interest of our clients, every time.


Aligned Partners

We align our interests with those of our clients. You won’t see Robbins make a proposal where the client gets all the parking revenue and we keep all the violation revenue, as other parking management companies will sometimes pitch. That would pit our interests against our clients, and we don’t want to do business that way. We want to succeed when our clients succeed. As such, we propose management fees that align with our clients’ goals.

Straight Shooters

Our management fees are often not the lowest among proponents. We are honest, reliable, hard-working folk and we do not over-promise, and then underperform. We never leave our parking facilities under- patrolled, unmanaged, or abandoned. We also don’t charge our clients exorbitant credit card processing fees or other hidden costs. Our long-term success comes from doing what is right and working in our clients’ best interests. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

People First

Every company says their service is second to none, but it cannot always be true. We value honest communication and personalized customer service. Our high customer satisfaction speaks to that. We truly believe in enhancing customer experience and safety.

We also work hard to create a healthy, engaging, and empowered workplace. Our employees are our greatest asset in providing excellent customer service. If our employees are not happy, they cannot provide excellent customer service. Our human resources policies engage and empower our employees through meticulous hiring and training to provide a clear vision and goals focused on customer service. We have demonstrated this through the feedback we receive and the long-standing tenure of many of our employees. In addition to our key management personnel’s tenure, Robbins enjoys an exceedingly low turnover rate among our administrative, patrol, and attendant staff. We attribute this low turnover rate to our excellent training programs and the positive working relationships between our employees and their direct supervisors. Promoting a positive work environment has created a loyal staff who will devote their energy to completing tasks effectively and efficiently.

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Did you know?

Did you know Victoria is one of Canada’s least expensive places to park? Daily rates average just under $11.

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