Patrol, Appeals, and Collections

Patrol, Appeals, and Collections

We operate fair and flexible parking enforcement. Through our work with various municipal, educational, health care, and commercial facilities, we recognize the sensitivity involved in enforcement and understand the balance between compliance and customer service. We have experience in a wide variety of sensitive and complex institutions, such as colleges, high-end retail, and hospital environments. Key to our success in performing enforcement, appeals, and collections is establishing regular communication with our clients to develop a tailored and unified approach in how the process is conducted on our clients’ property

Robbins patrols parking facilities using License Plate Recognition (LPR) vehicles. Vehicle-mounted cameras with infrared technology take up to one high-resolution picture per second, at any time of day. The LPR system scans the images using optical character recognition to read the licence plates on vehicles. Integrated via a cellular network, our onboard Parking Enforcement and Ticketing Software (PEATS) communicates in real-time with each facility’s pay stations, mobile payment applications, and our parking management system to receive ‘hit data’ and notifies the patroller of any vehicles parked in violation.

Our patrollers are doing much more than monitoring for compliance and issuing parking notices. We have long understood that patrollers are seen as representatives for the organization and facility they monitor. Our patrollers are courteous and helpful to all parking guests and assist in a variety of ways. We have developed a detailed Patrol Manual to ensure our staff knows the sensitivities and nuances of each parking facility.

Robbins operates a full-service appeals and collections service from our Victoria office. We chose to keep appeals in-house so that we can carefully train and monitor our staff to meet standards that are reflective of our expectations and approach. Our local office allows us to carefully tailor our appeal and collection process to meet the varying needs of our clients. No other parking company deals with all violations and collections locally.

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