Dear Robbins Customers,


The safety and wellbeing of our staff and customers have always been the highest priority for us at Robbins Parking.   Due to this, and in response to directives from our governmental and health officials, we have decided to close our offices to public walk-ins for the foreseeable future, both in Victoria and Nanaimo.  We will be continuing to maintain all other services, so please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or through email.


If you need to pay a notice, please do so online or via our office telephone number.  Please see all payment options offered on our website https://robbinsparking.com/payment-notice/.

We appreciate your flexibility and support at this time.  Please stay safe, stay healthy and we will look forward to seeing you again soon.

Robbins Parking Service

I am looking for parking in Downtown Victoria, what is available?

All of our lots in Downtown Victoria are fairly full but we hold waitlists for most lots that do not have immediate availability.  Please take a look through our parking locator and you will find more information about each lot once you click on the ‘P’.  Please let us know the lot numbers that you are interested in and we can add you to the waitlist or offer you a space, should we have one. You are able to be on a maximum of 3 waitlists. ‘

Which lot is my monthly pass valid on?

Each pass or decal details the number of the lot you selected when signing up for monthly parking. The decal gives you parking privileges in that lot only.

Why don’t you sell a pass that can be used on any lot?

Each of the lots and parkades is owned by a different owner and is managed by Robbins on their behalf. Each lot is therefore run as a separate “business” and it would not be possible to apportion payment for the pass to the lots where it was actually used.

What do I do if a meter does not work? I don’t want to get a notice.

Sometimes a meter malfunctions and we understand this causes our customers concern. We are therefore committed to ensuring that any piece of equipment is repaired as soon as possible. If you encounter a meter that is out of order, please let us know by calling 250-382-4411, and we will immediately dispatch a technician. Please leave your licence plate number to ensure you don’t receive a violation notice.

I am a monthly parker, what if I can’t find a space in my lot?

While this should not happen on a regular basis, there are occasions when a lot may be full. If this is the case, please park on the next available Robbins lot, displaying your decal in the usual way. Please call our office so we may inform our patrol staff to ensure you do not receive a violation notice. If you find the lot is full on a consistent basis, please let us know.

Please note that some lots may not permit you to park with a permit from a different location. Please contact one of our Customer Service Representatives for details.

I received a notice and I don’t think I should have.

Please, please let us know about it. We will be happy to provide further explanation about the issuing of the violation notice. We really want to avoid unfairly written notices. You will find our agents courteous and understanding. For more information on appealing a notice, click here

What happens if I don’t pay my notices – Do you tow?

Robbins patrollers are equipped with hand-held computer units that help ensure the enforcement system is fair and accurate. The hand-held units also contain a “tow list” of persistent violators who have notices that have not been paid. When encountering a vehicle that is on the tow list on one of our lots, the hand-held unit alerts the patroller, who may have the vehicle impounded.

Avoid being on this list by contacting us with any payment notice queries.

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Did you know?

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