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If you have a question about Robbins’ monthly parking service, please check out FAQ’s below. If you have a question that hasn’t already been addressed, please contact us.

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How can I enquire about a monthly parking pass?

To enquire about a monthly parking pass or to get a spot on the wait-list, please fill out our Monthly Parking Enquiry form above. We will get back to you shortly. Alternatively, give us a call (250-382-4411 in Victoria or 250-753-6789 in Nanaimo) or drop by one of our corporate offices (1102 Fort Street in Victoria or 373 Albert Street in Nanaimo).

How do I collect my parking decal?

Our customer service representatives will arrange a time for you to pick them up at one of our main offices in either Victoria or Nanaimo.

Is my decal/key fob/access card deposit refundable?

Yes. After cancelling your monthly parking pass, return your decal, access card and/or key fob within seven days and we’ll return your deposit ($30 for a decal; $30 for an access card; $50 for a key fob).

What happens if my decal/key fob/access card is damaged, broken or lost?

We’re happy to exchange, at no charge to you, damaged or broken equipment. If you lose your decal, key fob or access card, we’ll quickly issue you a new one – please note that a new deposit will be required.

When does my monthly parking start?

After your parking application has been processed and you’ve paid the appropriate deposits, your monthly parking can start immediately (please note that your first bill may include some prorated charges).

How do I cancel my monthly parking pass?

To cancel your pass, contact us – please remember we need a full, one-month notice to cancel your monthly parking pass.

Can I park in any Robbins lot with a monthly parking pass?

Unfortunately, no. Each Robbins’ lot and parkade is owned by a different company (we manage parking services on the behalf of our clients), meaning every location is run as a separate business.

I have a monthly parking pass – what happens when I can’t find a spot?

In the rare occasion you can’t find a spot in your regular lot, please give our office a call (250-382-4411 in Victoria or 250-753-6789 in Nanaimo). One of our customer service representatives will direct you to the nearest lot, flagging your car in our system to ensure you don’t receive an unfair violation notice.