Terms and Conditions

In all parking lots, you must adhere to any signage, and line painting and must use your common sense whilst parking.


These terms are applicable at lot that offers payment through the meter, HONK Mobile or PaybyPhone.

At locations where payment is required to park on the lot, Robbins Parking Service is offering space for public parking. You accept this offer by parking on the property. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, please locate alternate parking. All requirements of notice an acceptance are hereby waived by Robbins Parking Service. If you park and do not pay for your parking as requested at the meter, and signage, the parking rate is $65.00 per day, or portion thereof. IN addition, you many be subject to being towed.

By parking on this property, you grant permission to Robbins Parking and its agents to obtain registered owner information, including the name and address for the vehicle you are driving. This information is for the sole purpose of collecting unpaid parking fees and violation notice fees. All information is protected under the privacy act.

By parking on the lot, you agree to adhere to all posted parking regulations, as well as any common parking standards.

Robbins reserves the right to change these rules at any point, with no guidelines, Robbins Parking Services’ word will be final. notice. If there is any dispute about the parking.


The following terms and conditions form part of the monthly parking agreement.
  1. The customer may terminate the monthly parking agreement upon one calendar month’s WRITTEN notice (i.e. Nov 15th notice would be effective Dec. 31st).
  2. There is a 2 month minimum sign up.
  3. The Customer is required to register and keep updated their license plates with Robbins Parking. A maximum of two license plates may be registered. Physical permits may be required to indicate eligible vehicles on selected parking facilities.
  4. Random parking is NOT guaranteed. If the customer’s assigned location is not available due to lack of space, a call MUST be made to the Robbins office to advise. We may relocate to another Robbins location (IF available) on a temporary basis. If another Robbins location is not available, Robbins reserves the right to refuse parking. Note: If you do not call the office to advise of your relocation, your permit will be considered invalid. You may not park in reserved stalls.
  5. All vehicles must have valid road insurance. The parking of unlicensed or uninsured vehicles, the general storage of vehicles or items, overnight camping, and the repair or maintenance of vehicles is prohibited. Further, the parking of vehicles that (in the opinion of Robbins) pose any kind of hazard is also prohibited. Confirmation of valid road insurance must be provided upon request.
  6. Any deposits paid will not bear interest but will be refunded if the relevant permit/access card(s) is (are) returned to Robbins within 7 days of termination.
  7. Permits/Access cards are the property of Robbins Parking, any attempt to copy or reproduce in any way will result in immediate tow away at owner’s expense and could result in termination of parking privileges without notice. Permit/access cards are only valid for the parking facility for which they are designated. Further, if the same permit number is found on more than one vehicle at a time, or if a permit/access card is used to admit more than one vehicle at a time into the parking facility, that permit will automatically be deemed invalid.
  8. If someone is parked in your reserved stall, you must call the office in order to advise and we will help to find you an alternative parking for that day. We will also send a patroller out to your stall to investigate further. You cannot park in other reserved stalls or accessible stalls.
  9. It is the responsibility of the parker to ensure that any gates or access doors to the lot are fully closed after use.
  10. Dishonored cheques and/or declined credit cards or PAD payment will be charged a $20.00 NSF fee. Your parking charges must be paid within 10 days of the declined payment.
  11. We require either a credit card or a pre-authorized debit in order to open a monthly parking account with Robbins Parking Service.
  12. Parking charges (and any applicable taxes) are due in advance on the 1st day of each month.
  13. Parking charges are for the licensed use of parking space only. Robbins is not responsible for any loss or damage to the vehicle or its contents.
  14. The customer may not assign or transfer the monthly parking agreement, unless agreed to by Robbins.
  15. Any additional terms and conditions (except those relating to parking rates) displayed on the signage at the parking facility must be observed. Further, vehicles must not be parked in such a way as to block traffic lanes.
  16. All information provided to Robbins Parking for monthly parking agreements is used for the purpose of maintaining your monthly parking account. The personal information provided in this agreement is always protected and is not sold or shared.  The exception to this would be if the account becomes overdue and our attempts to collect fail.  You file would then be forwarded to an outside collection agency.  All information collected will only be used to recover unpaid charges.
  17. Robbins may terminate or change the monthly parking agreement upon one calendar months’ notice. Further, if the customer is in breach of any the terms and conditions of the monthly parking agreement, Robbins may suspend parking privileges, terminate the monthly parking agreement without notice, or may tow the vehicle at the customer’s expense (or any or all of the above).  In the event of misuse of a permit/access cards, Robbins also reserves the right to charge the regular daily rate (in addition to the monthly charges).
  18. These terms and conditions are subject to change at any time by Robbins without notice.