We understand that one of the key roles in delivering superior parking management services is to gather and report information necessary to make important decisions regarding the management of our clients’ parking facilities. SMART’s dashboard, POWER BI (Business Intelligence) tracks and reports on all revenue sources in real-time, customizable to our clients’ needs. SMART has advanced analytics and extensive reporting capabilities to provide insight into parking facility usage patterns to empower Robbins and our clients to make decisions on all operational changes, such as optimizing equipment location, payment options offerings, and parking rate structures. In addition to a host of pre-defined reports, through SMART’s versatility, we can easily customize reporting in-house to meet the requirements of each unique property and client we serve, presented in the desired format. Our standard reports include details on parker information, add/deletes, lease analysis, auditing, tenant invoices, transient and monthly revenue, event revenue, ticket counts, and much more.

Since SMART is developed and maintained in-house, custom reporting functions can easily be made to suit clients’ requests. SMART reports can be exported into Excel or virtually any other data format required.

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Did you know?

Did you know Victoria is one of Canada’s least expensive places to park? Daily rates average just under $11.