Victoria International Airport

Victoria International Airport

Lot 172

1640 Electra Blvd, Sidney

$1.00 flat rate for a maximum of 2 hours

Pay upon entry

There is dedicated accessible parking available in the short term, daily and long term parking lots.

1st 5 days – $18.00 per day

After 5 days- $9.00 per day

30 minutes- $1.00

  • Daily and long term parking is paid upon exit.
  • For daily and long term parking, take a ticket from the entrance gates.
  • Keep this ticket in your vehicle until you return
  • On exit, either pay for your parking at the booth with the attendant, or at the automated gate, by entering your ticket into the exit gate. The parking charges are decided based on time parked at the lot.

We offer monthly parking (subject to availability). There is a minimum sign up of 2 months and we need at least 5 business’ days to set this up. For more information see here.

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