Samara Gschiel

Samara GschielSoftware Services Manager

Samara Gschiel embarked on her professional journey with Robbins in 2018, joining as a Customer Service and Front Desk Manager. Originally hailing from Brighton, England, Samara brought a wealth of experience and a global perspective to her role. Prior to joining Robbins, she served as a Customer Service Team Leader at American Express, showcasing her leadership skills and commitment to exceptional service.

Armed with a master’s degree in international hospitality management, Samara has consistently demonstrated her dedication to excellence in customer service. Her academic background and hands-on experience equipped her with the skills to navigate the dynamic and demanding field of hospitality.

One of Samara’s notable strengths lies in her advocacy for change and her passion for creating efficient, modern workplaces. She firmly believes in placing the customer at the forefront of organizational changes, ensuring that their needs and experiences remain paramount. Her time at Robbins Parking Service has allowed her to channel her skills in a new direction within the parking industry, and she looks forward to contributing to the ongoing evolution of the field.

Samara Gschiel’s journey reflects her commitment to professional growth, innovation, and a customer-centric approach. As she continues to make her mark in the parking world, Samara remains dedicated to creating positive and impactful changes within the industry.

In a strategic move to further broaden her skill set and contribute to the ever-evolving landscape of the parking industry, Samara Gschiel transitioned into the role of Software Services Manager at Robbins. This career shift reflects her adaptability and eagerness to explore new avenues within the organization.