Saanich Peninsula Hospital

Saanich Peninsula Hospital

Lot 704

2166 Mt. Newton X Road Saanichton

Please always adhere to posted signage and stalls markings.

$1.25 per hour.

$26.75 for a weekly pass.

  • Method of Payment – Pay by Plate. 
    • Please make note of you license plate and input this to make payment.  Your payment is only valid if the correct license plate has been entered. 
  • You can purchase parking at the meter or through
  • When purchasing parking, please check the meter for the correct zone.
  • When using the meter, please ensure you are waiting for the full transaction to be processed and you are prompted to remove your credit card. Removing the card too early may result in duplicate charges.

Free parking is permitted in a few scenarios. Please find these scenarios located on the Island Health Website 

For more information regarding parking at the hospital , please visit the Saanich Peninsula Hospital Website

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