Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
Robbins Parking Service is committed to maintaining a high level of security both administratively
and through system access. Ensuring your personal information is protected, remains our
highest priority.

Does Robbins Parking Service Disclose the Information it Collects? No, Robbins Parking
Service does not sell any information. We may however share information with a 3rd party
collection agency, who act on our behalf or as permitted and required by law. The only
information that is shared is that of unpaid violation or monthly parking accounts that are
outstanding and over due. Third parties such as collection agencies are held to the same privacy
restrictions as Robbins Parking and in many cases they are subject to additional legislation.

Monthly Parking
All information provided to Robbins Parking for monthly parking agreements is used for the
purpose of maintaining your monthly parking account. Please be aware that our monthly
parking department operates completely separate from our violation department. Information is
never shared between the two departments, this also pertains to collections.

Registered Owner Information
This information is obtained through a vehicle plate search and is obtain for the sole purpose of
collecting unpaid parking fees. The information obtained by a vehicle search is name and
address of the registered owner(s) of the vehicle. This information is used in no other way than
what is stated here.

This information is also protected by way of system access. Even the President of Robbins
Parking cannot access this information. Access to personal information is limited to management
staff maintaining system information. Management access would be limited to customer inquiry
or verification only. Access is always limited to staff involved with system controls, collection and
mailing notices. All authorized staff, operate and comply fully with the guidelines of the Privacy
Act. By implementing such controls, we can guarantee that your information is protected and will
never be used for any other purpose than it is originally intended.

Credit Card Information
The collection of credit card information is limited to your credit card number and expiry date. In
many cases the information is blocked by security fields that prevent it from being viewed.
Monthly parking is an exception as this information is required at the end of every month to bill
the credit card you provided when signing up for parking. Again this information is only used for
monthly parking, and is protected by system security. Only monthly parking representatives are
able to access this information.

Web Site
Our web site provides you with the convenience of reviewing our parking rates and locations,
along with the ability to pay outstanding violations online. All information provided by you, is
restricted to its intended use, and will only be used for that purpose. No one has access to your
actual credit card number, as it is encrypted and can only be used online to pay the violation you

Proof of Entitlement
To prove that we are entitled to collect information on a vehicle, we must be able to produce a
record of a parking violation.

Legal Disclosure
Robbins Parking Service may disclose your information as permitted or required to by law; for

• to a government institution or other person or entity that has asserted its lawful authority
to obtain the information;
• where we have reasonable grounds to believe the information could be useful in the
investigation of unlawful activity;
• to comply with a subpoena or warrant or an order made by a court, person or entity with
jurisdiction to compel the production of information;
• to comply with court rules regarding the production of records and information; and
• to our legal counsel.
Authorized Disclosure
Robbins Parking can disclose registered owner information to only the following:
• Registered owner, upon proof of identity (must include registered owner information,
along with identification that matches registration – in person).
• Canada Post, to mail collection notices.
• Legal counsel, to reply to communications from registered owner, or to initiate legal
• Collection agency – on behalf of Robbins Parking.
• External auditors, at the request of government or regulatory authorities.

How does Robbins Parking Service Protect My Information?
The security of your personal information is a high priority for Robbins Parking Service. We
maintain extremely high safeguards and current security standards to protect your personal
information, whether recorded on paper or captured electronically, against unauthorized access,
disclosure, or misuse.

Although we cannot take responsibility for any theft, misuse, unauthorized disclosure, loss,
alteration, or destruction of data by a third party, we take reasonable precautions to prevent such
unfortunate occurrences.

Accuracy of Registered Owner Information
Where an individual brings to the attention of Robbins Parking, that our record of their information
is incorrect, we would direct the registered owner to update their records with the issuing body.

How Can I Verify My Information?
You can check your information to verify, update, or correct it, and to have any obsolete
information removed.

You can also ask to review any of the information that we have retained, how we have used it,
and to whom we have disclosed it at any time by contacting us at

Subject to certain exceptions prescribed by law, and provided we can authenticate your
identity, you will be given reasonable access to your personal information, and will be entitled to
challenge the accuracy and completeness of the information and to have it amended as
appropriate. Certain fees would apply depending on the type of information requested.
Please note that changes cannot be made that would prevent our ability to collect on any
outstanding debt.

When is My Information Removed?
We keep your information only as long as your account remains outstanding. We remove your
personally identifiable information once the account is paid.

How Can I Contact Robbins Parking Service?
Robbins Parking Service is responsible for all personal information under its control. Our Privacy
Manager is accountable for Robbins Parking Service’s compliance with the principles described
here. If you have any questions, concerns or complaints about the privacy policies please contact
us at the below:

Call us at: 1-800-382-4439
Write us at: Robbins Parking Service
Attention: Privacy Manager
1102 Fort Street
Victoria, BC V8V 3K8

Will this Privacy Policy Change?
To accommodate changes in our service, the technology, and legal developments, this Policy
may change over time. We may add, change, or remove portions of this Policy when we feel it is
appropriate to do so. Whenever we update this Policy we will change the date on the Policy to
indicate when the changes were made.