Parking Solutions

Parking Solutions

Whether you have a large event space with hundreds of parking stalls, or a small independent grocery store with a handful of customer stalls- we can help manage your stalls. We know how important it is to ensure that your spaces are being used correctly as we know the impact this can have on your business.  Some commons areas that we can implement and patrol for are:


Need help utilizing a customer time limit implemented? This is something we help you with.  After gaining an insight into your business model, and how you would like your customers to benefit in using your lot we would devise a customised patrol schedule based on a time limit.    Here we can patrol based on time i.e., 2-hour customer parking only. This is to ensure the lot can be used by all of your customers and deters those who are not customers.


We can get paid parking up and running in your lot very quickly. Once the appropriate business license is in place,  we can help to develop a bespoke patrol contract, complete with meters, signage, line painting and any other items you may need. We would patrol to ensure valid payment is made on the vehicles. 


Monthly Parking is a fantastic way of creating a steady flow of customers and revenue for your lot. We can help you offer guaranteed parking stalls to residents and employees of surrounding areas. We would work with you to find the best way to utilize your space ensuring that you are maximizing your revenue. You can have as much or as little involvement in the day to day operations as you wish. 


We currently have 5 License Plate Recognition (LPR) hybrid vehicles on Vancouver Island, 1 in Tofino, 1 in Nanaimo and 3 in Victoria. This enables us to patrol lots efficiently and accurately.

Robbins first implemented an LPR vehicle in 2010 and we were the first parking management company in BC to do so. With this, we have extensive experience operating with LPR vehicles.  Using the LPR vehicle we can patrol for a customer time, employee plates, tenant plate – or whichever method you would like. Our vehicles and programs are state of the art, and able to adapt to your needs. Our vehicles look professional and tidy driving through lots.



We can work with you to find out what your needs are for your employees. We can help enforce a number of different way including,  employee zones, virtual permits, self service model and capping employees to a certain number of parkers per tenant/ business. We have found that these changed will enable space for your customers or add some structure to your parking.


We can design, create and install any and all signage for your lot, to ensure your guidelines and rules are being adhered to. This can help to control unauthorized parkers on your property, rules of the lot, opening times and it also helps to keep your lot looking professional and tidy.  Our signage is designed in house, and we use local sign makers to ensure they are of high quality. 



If you wish to add paid parking to your property, we can supply meters. We supply many meters throughout Canada and the US. Some meters are purchased directly from us, and others are rented from our stock.  Processing payments can be done by your company, or we can help with this. Get in touch today, to discuss your options and what we can do to cater to your companies needs

We have our own in-house ticketing and patrol system, along with a great permit system, that we have created and can adapt to many different needs. District of Tofino residents are currently using a ‘Resident Parking Portal’, which we designed and created specific to their needs.  This processes payments, tracks resident permits, and there is a quality review to ensure permits are only assigned to residents.

We work with other software companies, to cater to large employee permit areas, where employees can use a self- service model to register their plates to park on site.

Get in  touch for more information on what we can do for you.


We have a great patrol team, who are experienced and enthusiastic about patrolling our lots with professionalism and diligence. We use our own in-house ticketing system, along with several other programs to ensure we are patrolling efficiently and precisely.

Using our license plate recognition cars, we can monitor many lots, in a variety of ways, dependent on your needs. Working from 7am- midnight, we can create a unique and customized patrol, based on your requirements. Whether you want the lot patrolled for payment, timing, permits or unauthorized parkers we can help.  We have experience patrolling municipalities, BC Ferries, Airports, retails areas and paid parking lots in towns and cities throughout Vancouver Island.


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