Appeals – FAQ’s

Robbins Parking manage each lot on behalf of the Landowner/Property Management Company. We have certain rules and regulations to follow just as parkers parking in the lot must follow.
A patroller’s role is to enforce the rules of the lot, and even though at times it may seem unfair that you received a ticket, there is usually a valid reason- which we would be more than happy to explain to you.
When speaking with one of our patrollers or calling our office, we ask that you treat them with kindness and respect. This is very much appreciated and will help both you and the customer service representative in dealing with your parking notice. Please note that the usual appeal time is 7 days after the notice was received. After this time, any appeals outcomes may be limited.

FAQ For Appeals

I paid for parking. Why was I ticketed?
Common mistakes when purchasing parking at the meter or on Honk are: Incorrect license plate, entering an “O” instead of a zero in your plate number, entering the wrong zone/lot on Honk mobile, not displaying your receipt. If you believe you were wrongly ticketed, please call or email our office to appeal within 7 days of the notice issue date.

I was ticketed for exceeding the 3-hour limit, but I was not there for 3 hours.
If you visit a timed lot multiple times in the day, the patroller will not know if you have left in between visiting. The patroller also leaves the lot, so they have to assume you were parked over the time limit. If this is the case and you had left the lot, please call or email our office to appeal.

I had my parking permit displayed but was still ticketed.
If your permit is not clearly displayed on your rear-view mirror or dash, the patroller has no way of knowing you are permitted to park there. Please glance back when leaving your vehicle to ensure it is visible. If you are ticketed for this reason, please submit a photo of your parking pass to to appeal.

I got a ticket at one of your parkades but I thought I had to pay when exiting.
At certain parkades, the attendant will issue you an Honor Notice for the parking charges. This is not a parking ticket. When you enter the parkade, you will pull a ticket stub and then display this on your dash. The attendant will use the time you entered the lot to determine how much you owe in parking charges. If the ticket stub is not displayed, the attendant will charge you for the full day. If you believe the amount is incorrect, please submit a photo of your ticket stub to for further review.

I went to pay online but my notice is not showing up.
When entering your notice and license plate number, please ensure you are not leaving any spaces and that you include the RP, S, or H in your notice number.

I went to pay online but my notice says I owe $59.00 / $65.00 instead of $36.00.
On every notice, there is a pay by date near the bottom of the notice. If you are trying to pay after that date, the notice will increase to $59.00. After 30 days, the notice will increase to $65.00. Please call our office if you wish to appeal this amount.
I paid for parking at the meter and the screen went black/is still processing.
If you are experiencing issues with the meter, please call our office to advise us of this. The meter may not have taken your payment.

A company called Wiggins Adjustments has been contacting me. Who are they?
When a notice is left outstanding for over 90 days, this notice may be sent to a third-party collection’s agency. If you are being contacted by them and do not recall having a parking notice, please call our office.

I paid for the wrong zone/lot on Honk Mobile. How do I fix this?
If you have paid for the wrong zone/lot or license plate number, please reach out to Honk Mobile at (855)338-2824. Honk Mobile is not owned by Robbins Parking. You will need to contact them to adjust your payment. If you have been ticketed for entering the wrong information on Honk, please call or email us to appeal the notice.

I paid for parking until 6 pm and was still ticketed. I thought parking was free after 6 pm.
Street parking is free after 6 pm. Street parking in Victoria is patrolled by the City of Victoria. Private parking lots that are managed by Robbins Parking, pay parking is in effect 24/7 including holidays. There may be a day rate that allows you to park until 6 pm. After this time, you will need to pay the hourly parking rate.

I was ticketed for exceeding the time limit, but I am staff.
With parking in most timed customer lots, there will be a designated staff area or a staff parking pass to display. You will need to speak with your manager about parking before leaving your vehicle unattended in the lot. Staff are not entitled to park in the customer parking area. If the staff areas are full, staff must park off the lot.

Parking at the Hospital is currently free during Covid. Why was I ticketed?
Although pay parking is currently suspended during Covid, the signage in the lot must still be followed. This is to ensure parking is available to everyone when needed.

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