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We have recently added a new LPR vehicle to our enforcement fleet. We chose a 2019 Toyota Prius hybrid, as reducing our carbon footprint is very important to all of us at Robbins Parking. With selectable modes like EV and ECO, we can maximize mileage on a reduced amount of gasoline. EV mode allows all-electric driving for up to a mile, while ECO adjusts the operation of things like climate control and throttle to maximize fuel efficiency. Furthermore, this vehicle has earned Super Ultra Low Emission vehicle status, making it the obvious choice for a daily enforcement vehicle.




Robbins Parking supports innovations that lessen the impact of the transportation industry on our environment. We are proud to sponsor this electric charging station at Camosun College.

For all of us here at Robbins, part of being a responsible business means taking care of the environment and looking towards a greener, more eco-friendly tomorrow. Some of our sustainable policies and practices include:

  • Reducing energy use by purchasing and installing solar-powered parking meters
  • Limiting carbon emissions and gas consumption by installing GPS devices in all company vehicles and sending the nearest employee to handle service issues
  • Using recycled-content paper (including in our corporate offices and in our ticket machines)
  • Purchasing eco-friendly cleaning, graffiti removal and painting products for our maintenance team
  • Recycling everything – and anything – possible
Learn more about Robbins commitment to minimizing our environmental footprint and adopting sustainable business practices.

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